Club Registration for 2021

Current members

If you registered online to be a member in 2020, you are a current member.

New members – Wait list

BCTC has reached its membership capacity. Therefore the ‘Wait list’ is closed for the 2021 season.

Online registration

Please ensure you carefully read the ‘COVID-19 Waiver’ and the ‘Return To Play Protocols’ before registering online.
All members are to register online. The online registration form will be available April 5th. Note the following:

  • Ensure you fill out all the required information (marked with an asterisk *) before hitting the submit button.
  • Ensure that you tick the last box that indicates that you agree to the terms and conditions of your application.
  • Have all your information ready before starting to fill out the form.
  • For security reasons, the form will time out if you don’t finish it within a reasonable time frame which will force you to start over.
  • The form is for 1 person only which means that every family member has to fill out its own form.
  • If you have any problems registering online, please send an e-mail to


  • All members are to indicate on their registration form the days and times they are available for play – at least 2 times and 2 different days (and more days if possible). BCTC will ensure that everyone is scheduled twice a week. Members are free to use courts not in use for scheduled play should a court be available.
  • Members may make up their own groups and request time and day choices. Groups must have a minimum of five players and a group leader, chosen by the group.
  • Every effort will be made to schedule groups at their preferred time(s), but should there be multiple requests for the same time, the Executive will draw to determine who gets first (and second, if necessary) choice in order to be fair to all members.
  • If members do not have a pre-selected group, they will be scheduled according to their level and the days and times they are available. This means that a group that has formed itself may be required to include a new member. Everyone’s good grace and co-operation is appreciated.
  • The Executive reserves the right to adjust the schedule as needed to be fair to all.

Registration Fees

Note that the registration fee of $110.00 will be the same for all members starting this season. Although some members have benefitted from lower fees in the past, court rentals, club insurance and operating costs increase annually and expenses must be covered. This change was fully supported be the members at the last Annual General Meeting.

Fee payment

Membership Fees may be paid by Cheque, Money-Order or e-Transfer. You are encouraged to use INTERAC e-Transfer to reduce the workload on the Executive.

Cheques or Money Orders can be mailed to:

Barrie Community Tennis Club
16-72 Ross Street
Barrie Ontario
L4N 1G3

Instructions for e-Transfers

Sending an INTERAC e-Transfer: Step by step

  1. Login to your online banking
  2. Create a profile with your email address and/or mobile phone number if you have not already done so.
  3. Select “Send INTERAC e-Transfer” under “Transfers”
  4. Select a recipient or add a recipient profile by entering BCTC plus this email address
  5. Choose the recipient “BCTC Treasurer” to receive the email
  6. The BCTC account is set up for “auto-deposit” that does not need a security question, but if the system asks for one, create a security question and answer that you and the recipient would likely know. Send a clarification e-mail to if required.
  7. Identify name in the “personal message” line. For Example: membership fee for Karen Smith or fees for Karen Smith/Paul Smith”.
  8. Select an account from which to make the transfer and enter the amount
  9. Send the INTERAC e-Transfer (your account will be debited the transfer amount immediately, plus any applicable fees)
  10. Within 30 minutes the recipient will be notified that the payment has been made.

Please ensure you carefully read the following ‘COVID-19 Waiver’ and the ‘Return To Play Protocols’ before registering online.

COVID-19 Waiver

Barrie Community Tennis Club
Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/Covid-19

This waiver & declaration must be agreed upon prior to participating in any activity at the Barrie Community Tennis Club.

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19 has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is known to spread mainly by contact from person to person. Consequently, local, provincial and federal governmental authorities recommend various measures and prohibit a variety of behaviors, in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

Barrie Community Tennis Club and its members commit themselves to comply with the requirements and recommendations of National, Provincial and local Public health and other governmental authorities, and to put in place and adopt all necessary measures to that effect. However, Barrie CommunityTennis Club cannot guarantee that you will not become infected with COVID-19. Further, participating in club activities could increase your risk of contracting COVID-19, despite all preventative measures put in place.


  1. I acknowledge the highly contagious nature of COVID-19 and I voluntarily assume the risk that I could be exposed or infected by COVID-19 by participating in Barrie Community Tennis Club’s activities. Being exposed or infected by COVID-19 may particularly lead to injuries, diseases or other illnesses.
  2. I declare that I am participating voluntarily in Barrie Community Tennis Club’s activities.
  3. I declare that neither nor anyone in my household, have experienced cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days (including fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing).
  4. If I experience, or if anyone in my household experiences any cold or flu-like symptoms after submitting this declaration, I (will not attend any of Barrie Community Tennis Club’s activities, programs or services until at least 14 days have passed since those symptoms were last experienced.
  5. I nor any member of my household travelled to or had a lay-over in any country outside Canada, or in any Province outside of Ontario, in the past 14 days. If I travel, or if anyone in my household travels, outside the Province of Ontario after submitting this declaration, I will not attend any of Barrie Community Tennis Club’s activities, programs or services until at least 14 days have passed since the date of return.
  6. I agree to the requirements and recommendations of National, Provincial and local Public health and other governmental authorities and to those special safety regulations put in place by Barrie Community Tennis Club as it pertains the COVID-19 Coronavirus and to adopt all necessary measures to those effects.
  7. I agree that, by filling out and signing this waiver and agreeing to the terms and conditions set out in it, I am giving up my legal rights to sue Barrie Community Tennis Club and its n the event that I contracts the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

This document will remain in effect until Barrie Community Tennis Club as per the direction of the national, provincial and local government and health officials, determines that the acknowledgments in this declaration are no longer required.

BCTC Return to Play Protocols - COVID-19

Barrie Community Tennis Club
Return to Play Plan – COVID-19

The following guidelines are in place for COVID-19 at the Barrie Community Tennis Club.
These guidelines are based substantially on the

  • 2020 Guidelines for Tennis Community Clubs during COVID-19
  • guidance document prepared by the City of Toronto; and
  • Ontario Tennis Association, Return to Play – Facility Protocols for Stage 2:
  • OTA How to play doubles safely during COVID-19
    ( f325bf52559c.pdf)
Before Arrival at the Club
  • All players should self-screen before visiting the club to help limit the introduction of infection.
  • A self-assessment for COVID-19 is available on the Ministry of Health website. ( 2067268684.1583164607)
  • Only players who pass the assessment and show no signs of COVID-19 should visit the club.
Accessing the Club
  • Individuals showing symptoms of COVID-19 are not to play.
  • Spectators are not permitted at this time;
  • Municipal and provincial physical distancing measures must be followed at all times;
  • It is recommended that individuals follow official advice about wearing masks. This
    could include wearing a mask on the way to and from the club, and in instances
    where physical distancing is not possible;
  • Players should arrive as close as possible to their start time and go directly to their
    court; they must not congregate near the clubhouse;
  • To avoid groups of individuals at the club, players are asked to promptly finish
    playing at 7:30 pm to allow the next group to come onto the court.
  • Players are to leave the club after they finish playing and NOT gather around the
  • The schedule for “Scheduled Play” and the club membership contact list will be kept
    up to date to ensure that contact tracing can be achieved if required.
  • ONLY club members are permitted to play during club hours;
Playing Tennis
  • Players who become ill with symptoms of COVID-19 while at the club should go home to self-isolate and immediately advise the club Executive;
  • Doubles “Schedule Play” will be played as recommended by the Ontario Tennis Association;
  • It is recommended that players clean or sanitize their hands regularly, before and after playing tennis, and avoid touching their face;
  • If a player must sneeze, they should do so into a tissue or upper sleeve.
  • Players waiting to enter a court must stand outside the fence and allow members on the court to exit before entering the court area.;
  • Players on the court are asked to leave the court on time to help with the changeover.;
  • Players must keep a two-meter (six-foot) distance from each other at all times, and avoid physical contact, such as shaking hands, and sharing equipment;
  • As much as possible, players should use their racquet or foot to pick up the balls or to send a ball to another player. Players should regularly wipe down and sanitize their equipment, including racquets and water bottles.
  • The clubhouse is closed to members at this time, however, this closure will be reassessed as the summer progresses.
  • Players should use washroom facilities before arrival at the club.
  • Since access to water is not available, it is recommended that players bring sufficient water to the club.
  • Touching common areas, such as nets, fences, poles and gates, should be avoided.
  • Players should bring hand sanitizer which should be used frequently.
Programs and Events
  • All club programs and events are suspended, but this policy will be reassessed as the summer progresses.
Members Commitment
  • All members are to adhere to these Return to Play protocols while playing during club operating hours. There protocols are implemented to stop the spread of COVID- 19 and keep members safe. Lack of adherence by any member will be addressed by the BCTC Executive.