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BCTC offers the following programs and activities:

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A. Scheduled Play

Barrie Community Tennis Club schedules two sessions a night for members from Monday to Friday, 6 – 7:30 pm and 7:30 – 9:30 pm, and on Sunday mornings, two sessions, from 8 – 10 am, and 10 am – 12 pm. These are the times BCTC rents the courts at Queens Park from the City of Barrie for the exclusive use of club members.

BCTC also rents the courts from 8 am to 1 pm on Saturday mornings, but reserves this time for clinics, drop-in play, and other special events not organized on a regular basis.

Public Court 5 is not available to BCTC members when the club has scheduled play. Court 5 is for the exclusive use of the general public. NO BCTC MEMBER MAY PLAY ON COURT 5, EVEN IF WITH A PERSON WHO IS NOT A MEMBER OF BCTC, IF ANYONE FROM THE GENERAL PUBLIC IS WAITING.


The Scheduled Play Program includes men’s and ladies’ doubles and mixed doubles.

The aim of the Scheduled Play Program is fair and social (fun) play for all members and all levels.

How the Scheduled Play Program Works

  • All members indicate on their registration form the days and times they are available for play – at least 2 times and 2 different days (preferably not consecutive), and more days if possible. BCTC will ensure that everyone is scheduled twice a week. Members are free to use courts not in use for scheduled play should a court be available.
  • Members may make up their own groups and request time and day choices. Groups must have a minimum of five players and a group leader, chosen by the group, will rotate them fairly.
  • Every effort will be made to schedule groups at their preferred time(s), but should there be multiple requests for the same time, the Executive will draw to determine who gets first (and second, if necessary) choice in order to be fair to all members.
  • If members do not have a pre-selected group, they will be scheduled according to their level and the days and times they are available. This means that occasionally a group that has formed itself may be required to include a new member. Everyone’s good grace and co-operation is appreciated.
  • Members will not be scheduled until their membership dues have been paid or, if they have been scheduled in good faith but have not paid, they will be replaced with spares until payment is made.
  • Members who would like to play singles may use the courts from 10 pm to 11 pm on week nights and may use any court not scheduled at other times.
  • The Executive reserves the right to adjust the schedule as needed to be fair to all.
  • Courts are assigned to groups by court number, but members may warm up on any court available until the scheduled group arrives.
  • New members will be evaluated to schedule them at an appropriate level to ensure comfortable and enjoyable play for all.
B. Clinics, drop-in play, and other special events

BCTC also rents the courts in the block from 8 am to 1 pm on Saturday mornings, but reserves this time for clinics, drop-in play, and other special events not organised on a regular basis.

C. Tournaments and activities

The Club organizes various social and competitive tournaments. We require volunteers from our membership to help support successful events. Please check our website, emails and bulletin board for details.

D. Singles Ladders

See also ‘Singles Ladders’ in the menu on the left.

Members will be advised by e-mail of ladders status. Ladders will be run from June to August 31st. Members are responsible for arranging their own matches on their own time and reporting the results by e-mail to barrietennis@hotmail.com.

For each match both players supply a new can of balls – winner takes new can, loser takes used can of balls.

You may challenge a player ranked up to 3 spots above you.
If you win your match you take the place of the person you defeated, and the defeated player moves down.

When challenging, please email or phone the person you are challenging and propose a date/time and location for the match.

If you are challenged you have the following options:
A) Accept the challenge as presented
B) Modify the challenge – move to a different date/time/location
C) Decline the challenge – if you cannot play due to illness/vacation etc.
NOTE: if you decline you will forfeit the match, but this will keep the ladder moving and you can
re-challenge at a later date or challenge another member above your new position.

The challenged player must play within 7 days of the challenge. If the challenged player already has
another match arranged the challenged player must play within 7 days of his/her already arranged match. If a challenged player cannot play within 7 days, as described, the challenger can report a default match and move up the ladder.

A pro set to 8 games – All challenge matches will be a pro set – first to 8 games win by 2,
with a seven point tiebreaker (win by 2) played if tied at 7-7.

No Shows
1. A player is considered to be a NO SHOW after 10 minutes of the agreed upon start time of play and if they have not contacted their opponent 12 hours in advance. (Please exchange cell numbers when arranging the match).
2. The executive may disqualify a member from the ladder if they continually ‘no show’ for matches
(general 3 strike rule).
3. The match is awarded to the player who shows up.
4. In the event of a ‘no show’, the winner (person who shows up), takes over the position of the opponent if the person is higher placed.

Rain/Incomplete matches
1. Both players may agree to make the set null and void if fewer than 4 games have been played.
2. An unfinished set must be resumed and completed within 7 calendar days,
3. If the set, for whatever reason, cannot be resumed and completed within 7 calendar days, the unfinished set will be considered completed and result reported.
4. If the time is running out and it looks like the match may not be completed, both players may agree to play ‘no ad’ games: At 40-40, the receiver has the right to choose which side to receive the serve, and the next point wins the games.
5. In the case of postponement, the previous score shall hold, the points scored will stand and the match resumed from there. For example, if the unfinished match is at 5-2 in games, 30-15 score in the 8th game, and the first service is a fault, the match will resume at 5-2, 30-15, but with 2 serves.

Disputes and disagreements
Please follow the court etiquette rules posted on the website.
Members are strongly encouraged to resolve disputes on their own (ie re-play the point in question).
Unless there are extraordinary circumstances the executive will have matches replayed and members
return to their position on the ladder prior to the challenge. Each member can submit 1(one) email and the decision of the executive will be final.

After every match
Within 24 hours of every challenge match, the winner must report the score by email to barrietennis@hotmail.com (please copy your opponent when reporting).

Good luck and have fun!

E. Junior Membership Guidelines
  1. On-site supervision of the junior member by the parent is required the parent must be present on court or at the clubhouse;
  2. The parent is responsible for the security, safety and conduct of junior member;
  3. The parent and Executive collectively determine the level of play of the junior and determine an appropriate group for the junior;
  4. If the parent is a member, it is preferable that the parent plays with the junior member; and
  5. The parent is to address any on-court concerns with Executive members as soon as possible.